About Us

About SME Alcohol

Our mission is to provide clean and renewable products to our customers and quality returns for our investors while providing safe and ethical working conditions and benefits for our employees.

What Makes SME Alcohol Different


Meeting ISO 9001:2015 standards demonstrates our commitment to top-notch work and products.


Because we closely follow GMP standards, our facility is always above board and tour-ready.


With custom SDA blend capabilities, we can create and register any approved formula.


We work closely with our customers to provide ongoing collaboration and support.


Chemist Certification Program

TTB offers the Chemist Certification Program as a service to the alcohol beverage industry to facilitate the export of beverage alcohol to foreign markets. SME is proud to have two Certified Chemists on available to ensure highest quality of production.

We're Serious About Sustainability

To continue pushing the corn industry in the right direction, we are committed to zero waste. We work with environmentally-conscious farmers, use every part of each kernel that passes through our dry mill distillery, and leave nothing behind. 

Download our Sustainability Report to explore our action steps.


We use everything. Nothing is wasted or thrown out. Every part of each kernel is used.


We’ve implemented a water treatment process that eliminates pollution and wastage.


Because we reuse and recycle all the waste we produce, nothing goes to the landfill.


It's crucial for all of our sustainability goals and steps to be transparent and actionable.

Our Team

SME operates with 50 talented and skilled employees, is governed by a Board of Managers, and more than 460 investors.

Our Facility

We’re a corn dry-mill distillery located in Carrollton, Missouri, that operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our feedstock is 20 million bushels of corn, all purchased from local farmers, maximizing local economic value in an environmentally responsible way. 

SME began production in May 2008 and produced over 70 million gallons of alcohol annually. Upgrades to the distillation system were completed in April of 2021. Our new state-of-the-art system can produce over 20 million gallons of grain neutral spirits and allow for production at any proof and any blend.

The conversion of grain to alcohol also results in the production of 160,000 tons of animal feed annually. The animal feed is sold as dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) and modified wet distillers grains with solubles (MWDGS). In 2012, SME began recovering distillers corn oil (DCO), an additional product that is sold into the animal feed and biodiesel markets. 

Investor Access

We have a secured area for our investors to change their level of ownership in SME, view sale or purchase opportunities, and download exclusive documents specific for our members.

See How Our Products Can Work for You

We’re happy to provide samples of our high-quality products upon request.