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Our sustainably produced neutral grain spirits are the perfect solution for cosmetic manufacturers. Our products meet the strictest quality standards to support your production goals.

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Your Sustainable Solution for a Cleaner Tomorrow

At SME, we are dedicated to providing ingredients that are not only safe and of the highest purity and quality but also uphold our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Through various initiatives, such as the use of certified sustainable products and renewable raw materials, we strive to maintain a balance between providing exceptional products and caring for the environment.

Our reach extends globally, as we supply a wide range of industrial solvents, varnishes, cleaning agents, and commercial solutions. These products are carefully crafted with ingredients that are specifically designed to promote overall well-being.

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If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of neutral grain alcohol, you’ve come to the right place. We prioritize communication and dedicate volume to each of our clients. Our denatured alcohol is a sustainable, perfect solution for your cosmetic products.


We adhere to strict industry standards, so our product meets international regulations. Our certifications include Kosher, ISO 9001, EcoVadis, and FSSC 22000.

Consistent Results

With multiple organoleptic and GCMS checkpoints, our food-grade alcohol is held to the most stringent standards to ensure its high quality.

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We value our relationships with our clients and ensure they have constant communication and dedicated volume from our daily production.

Delivered How You Need It

Delivery on time is a given. Whether you need delivery by train car, truck, or any other method, we are prepared to supply your needs.

How Our Process Works

We want to help you get the exact product you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. Simply follow the steps below to get started.

1. Choose a Product

We produce 190 and 200 Proof GNS. Choose the proof that’s best for the product you are making.

2. Download Spec Sheet

Get all the details on your selected product.

3. Request a Sample

Try a sample of our grain-neutral spirits and get excited about the possibilities!

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