Beyond Pure

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American made, carbon friendly alcohol

Alcohol Guarantees

  • 199 proof minimum
  • Clear bright in appearance
  • 10 platinum cobalt maximum
  • 15ppm maximum acidity
  • 2ppm maximum aldehydes
  • 2ppm maximum esters
  • 5ppm maximum methanol
  • 2ppm maximum propanol
  • 5ppm maximum higher alcohols
  • Absent of hydrocarbons
  • 30 minute permanganate time
  • 1.5mg/L maximum non volatile matter


Six pounds of boric acid, poly 80, or polo xamer 407 + 11/3 pounds of thymol, 11/3 pounds of chlorothymol, 11/3 pounds of methano l or

3 pounds essential oil + 10 pounds combined of boric acid, poly 80, poloxamer 408 or

7 pounds zinc chloride + 2. 6oz hydrochloric acid + 3 pounds essential oil

Common Uses

  • As a solvent in mouthwash, external pharmaceuticals, and antiseptic solutions

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