2015 Tax Planning Letter

2015 Tax Planning Letter


As the end of 2015 draws near, I’m sure you’re giving some thought to your income tax planning. In an effort to assist you with that, I thought I would provide you with an estimate of earnings for your investment in Show Me Ethanol. We will report a taxable income of approximately $10 million for 2015. Your K-1 will show your percentage of ownership interest in the taxable income.

According to the Company Operating Agreement, we must make distributions during the year to cover the tax liability of our members. There probably won’t be any additional distributions this year, as ethanol values have dropped and margins have weakened during the fourth quarter. Keep in mind, though, that we did make distributions of $15,000,000 earlier in this year. Those distributions exceed the estimated taxable income for the year.

I hope you find this information helpful as you complete your 2015 tax planning. Feel free to contact me at 660.542.6493 with questions.

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